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I'm Dr. Farah

CEO and Founder of BrainTheory

I'm a board-certified, NIH-trained neuroscientist, vascular neurologist, neurocritical care physician, and neuroendovascular surgeon. Early in my training, I immersed myself into the neuroplasticity world, which inspired me to create the BrainTheory® of Aging. I see BrainTheory N˚12 as the prototype that sets the bar for all future BrainTheory® innovation. And yes, it took a lot of self-control to keep the Alchemist branding vibes to minimum.

In all seriousness, I have authored over 30 scientific publications, written a book on COVID-19, and for some reason been the recipient of a dozen or so honors, awards, and scholarships. I have led initiatives in global health, public health policy, social determinants of health, ethics, at risk youth, diversity and inclusion, stroke awareness, developmental disabilities, and mentorship.

And randomly, I'm a fashion model, cook a mean Haitian black rice, make crazy abstract oil paintings, loved a one-eyed gecko, and could honestly win a Miami level dance-a-thon. I'm a strong believer in getting over yourself and just being...a human being.


Enjoy BrainTheory. 

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