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Nocturnal Cognitive Enhancer Designed To Reverse Brain Aging & Be Your Elixir for Life

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Former NFL Football Player & Pharmaceutical Executive

“I have been using BrainTheory for roughly two months now. The first improvement I felt was more focus and concentration while reading.  I could read my  recreational books longer before I would move to a different task. Secondly, I find myself spending more time on my afternoon/evening paperwork and planning, leaving me less to do in the morning before traveling to procedures. Overall, I feel I have better and a longer duration of concentration and mental energy to complete my work and recreational tasks."

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ICU Nurse & Lead Educator

"I am calmer and find myself being more patient with my husband. I don’t lose my temper, and I don’t yell. I sleep better. My anxiety is way down. I wake up on my own and do not rely on my husband to wake me up. This is good for people to stay sharp, especially for active seniors after retirement like my husband."

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Stock Market Investor

"I have been taking BrainTheory for about a month. I am more expressive and affectionate towards to family, which is hard for me because I am autistic. I started remembering my dreams which were vivid at first, having more deja vu, and have a profound increase in sleep quality at night. I have increased energy levels throughout the following day and more energy at the end of the day. My family has noticed I have more impulse control and self-restraint."

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Lead Neuroscience Technical Specialist

"My mental stamina throughout the day is improved especially with staring at the computer all day and crushing spreadsheets at my new job. I sleep better, wake up refreshed, and enjoy the vivid and crazy dreams. It’s really working out for me."

  • What’s with the seahorse?
    You may ask yourself why our brand logo resembles a psychedelic seahorse. Well, the scientific name for seahorse is hippocampus, which you’ll soon learn is the brain’s center for memory, learning, and emotion. And, it looks alot like a seahorse. The psychedelic part is all about the vivid dreams (see below).
  • What’s with the vivid dreams?
    First of all, it is not the melatonin. You’re going to want to watch our BrainTheory® Talks to wrap your head around this one, but in short: Augmented neural network connectivity (Hypothesis # 1) as well as neurotransmitter-dependent (Hypothesis # 5) and molecular calcium-dependent (Hypothesis # 11) neuroplasticity influence the hippocampus to enhance memory and learning during REM sleep. Vivid dreams occur during REM sleep (remember the psychedelic seahorse). REM sleep decreases with age, stress, and medicines for anxiety, depression, pain, et cetera. The circadian clock (and melatonin) play little to no role in REM sleep architecture. #micdrop
  • Why is it important to take BrainTheory N˚12 at night?
    Unlike other nootropics, BrainTheory N˚12 values nocturnal dosing because the brain processes learning, consolidates memory, and clears neurotoxins associated with dementia during sleep. Explore our BrainTheory® Talks to learn more.
  • What nootropic and adaptogen super powers make BrainTheory N˚12 a performance enhancer?
    Nootropic properties of BrainTheory N˚12 are augmented memory, learning, cognition, attention, concentration, and creativity. Adaptogen properties are enhanced mood, metabolism, energy, pain relief, stress control, and quality of sleep. Explore our BrainTheory® Talks to learn more.
  • Why is dose optimization essential?
    Unlike other nootropics and adaptogens that claim big doses equal big rewards, BrainTheory N˚12 uses the lowest dose clinically shown to have a therapeutic effect to 1) prevent codependence by stimulating your body to make more of its own elements (i.e. melatonin) and 2) prevent dose-dependent unwanted or opposite effects (i.e. resveratrol). Explore our BrainTheory® Talks to learn more.
  • Why is it important for a nootropic to be bioavailable and neuroactive?
    Most substances are made whole by different components some of which are not absorbed by the body or brain, some of which are absorbed by the body (bioavailable), and some of which cross the blood brain barrier (neuroactive). A non-bioavailable substance will not work no matter how high the dose—hence the neon urine. Even in bioavailable and neuroactive substances, only a limited percentage is viable, which makes strategic dosing very important. Explore our BrainTheory® Talks to learn more.
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